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The science of 3D scanning is applicable for a majority of projects going on in Northern California. An accuracy of 1/8" is generally good enough for most projects and F3 prides itself on being an industry leader in this area. However, F3 utilizes FARO's Vantage Laser Tracker when higher accuracy is required. This is the case with the project pictured below which is a tainter gate retrofit at the New Hogan Lake Dam. 

F3 was called upon to assist in the alignment of the gate trunnions for this project. The trunnions serve as the pivot point for the gate and any misalignment can cause stress in the arms. This stress can lead to steel yielding and ultimately failure. With the tracker's accuracy of 0.002", F3 is measuring the centerline of these trunnions to determine any discrepancies. When the downpours finally start, these gates will have no problem holding back the flood. 

3D Modeling

3D SCanning - Historical Preservation

The world has been full of world-class engineers, extraordinary structures, and mysteries.  Utilizing the range, mobility, and function of 3D High Definition Laser Scanning has opened up a look into the past and future.  Point cloud information is now being taken to another level, we at F3 augment the traditional laser scanning data with other survey workflows and higher accuracy instruments, such as our Laser Tracker.  By combining these methods and techniques we are able to solve complex questions and provide a complete 3D service. 


Below is a great example of how 3D High Definition Laser Scanning is being utilized to solve some of the world's oldest questions and giving us more insight on what makes a structural marvel.

National Geographic Time Scanners - Jerusalem

Uploaded by BBC Channel on 2014-03-27.

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3D Laser Scanning - 3D Printing & Augmented Reality - SPAR 2014

I just returned from Spar 2014 in beautiful  Colorado Springs. I was fortunate enough to have two presentation slots. One was on the subject of 'augmented reality" industrial applications and the other was on the topic of combining our 3 major industrial solutions (3D Scanning - 3D Printing - Metrology or Faro Arm and Faro Laser Trackers) into one unique workflow we call Augmented Industrial. 

On the flight out I was a "pillow" for over half the flight for this complete stranger......

On the flight out I was a "pillow" for over half the flight for this complete stranger......

One of my signature presentation bowties. If you see me in one you know I am speaking that day....

One of my signature presentation bowties. If you see me in one you know I am speaking that day....

Shot taken by my friend Eric DeLeon from WHPacific

Shot taken by my friend Eric DeLeon from WHPacific

Industrial - Wharf.jpg

It is always great to see friends form around the US that are constant presences at these conferences. I always seek out Larry Klienkemper form Lanmar Services. He has a great company that specializes in BIM services and at the conference he is quite the presence. If you attended SPAR, Hexagon or Autodesk University you must look for him, he typically is in a bright green shirt and the life of the party. 

Met some new friends from Jacobs Engineering and hooked up with my old friends from Leica Geosystems. It's always great to see Geoff, Mike Jen and their crew.  We at F3 are big fans of the Leica C10 scanners and the new P20 Laser Scanner. Its nice when you can pair up a great product with great people to hang out with. 

Next up HvGN Live in Vegas!!!  http://hxgnlive.com/

See you then......



3D Scanning/From the Field - International Projects- Toronto, ON

Wow, Canada was great and a great place to scan. Toronto is an awesome city and we successfully scanned BMO Field (Toronto's MLS field and future home to the CFL's Argonaunts) for the upcoming expansion, the point cloud is very cool.

Point cloud of the registered scan, BMO Field, Toronto, ON.

Technically it was a slam dunk and we nailed it but logistically we learned some valuable lessons that can only be realized "in the moment" while traveling internationally. I will be posting future posts to discuss the lessons learned and give some insight to the pre-planning that needs to happen for the project to be successful.

Having fun with a Leica ScanStation P20; scanning BMO Field, Toronto, ON with the CN Tower and Canadian flag in the background.

I have a new respect for both the people of Canada and the country itself. I went on a walk to the Distillery District of Toronto was amazed by the helpfulness and diversity of the people.

Cheers Toronto, thx for the wonderful experience.

Until my next post,

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