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3D Scanning/From the Field - International Projects- ATA Carnets

Do you know what an ATA Carnet is? If you have traveled in and out of the country for a project with 3D scanning equipment (or any high dollar equipment)... hopefully you know what it is..if not...OUCH! It can be painful and not fun at all!! If you are preparing for an international trip with your 3D scanning equipment, please read on and hopefully I can make it a little less stressful.

Export.gov is a good website for all your ATA Carnet questions.

An ATA Carnet is basically travel documents (think of a passport) for your 3D scanning gear to help you get in and out of country hassle free. There are only 3 companies that can issue ATA Carnets: Boomerang Carnets (www.atacarnet.com), Carnets Xpress (www.carnetsxpress.com), and The United States Council for International Business (uscib.org).

They are accepted in 80 countries and the cost is determined by numerous factors including the overall cost of your 3D scanning equipment.

Typical Processing cost

You will need to plan in advance for the issuing of your ATA Carnet (they do charge more for rush delivery) and they are only good for the dates of the trip and cannot be reused, although they can be re-issued.

The bottom line is do your homework in advance on this issue and start the process as soon as you have your project dates locked in.

I hope this info was or will be helpful for planning your next international 3D scanning project. If you have a question and/or comment on this topic, I would love to hear from you.

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3D Scanning/From the Field - International Projects- Logistics

One of the most important aspects of a successful 3D Scanning project, in addition to profitability, are the lessons learned. Logistics's can be one of these "valuable" lessons.  

It is important to know the "lay of the land" that you will be traveling to, through and that your project is in. As an example here are a few things to consider:

  • Communications; Do you have a plan that covers International calls?
  • Currency: Does your credit card charge additional fees for foreign conversion?
  • Shipment of 3D Laser Scanning gear: What is the excess baggage or shipping fees?
  • Travel documents:  Passports for your personnel and Carnets for your 3D Laser Scanning gear....

These are just some of the items that need to be considered with the Logistics of a 3D Laser Scanning project.

In my next blog I will talk extensively about Carnets and how they will make your life (travel in & out of country) much easier.....

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