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3D Scanning Conference in Las Vegas

The F3 team had a blast in Vegas. We displayed our new "3D Hardcopies" to tremendous response and they took home 1st place in two categories. 

Our presentation was well received and as usual the attendees and Lecia staff were a blast to hang out with. F3 was fortunate enough to get a great deal of attention that lead to interviews and photo shoots. Check in for more post about this as the week goes on.......

3D Scanning/From the Field - International Projects- Toronto, ON

Wow, Canada was great and a great place to scan. Toronto is an awesome city and we successfully scanned BMO Field (Toronto's MLS field and future home to the CFL's Argonaunts) for the upcoming expansion, the point cloud is very cool.

Point cloud of the registered scan, BMO Field, Toronto, ON.

Technically it was a slam dunk and we nailed it but logistically we learned some valuable lessons that can only be realized "in the moment" while traveling internationally. I will be posting future posts to discuss the lessons learned and give some insight to the pre-planning that needs to happen for the project to be successful.

Having fun with a Leica ScanStation P20; scanning BMO Field, Toronto, ON with the CN Tower and Canadian flag in the background.

I have a new respect for both the people of Canada and the country itself. I went on a walk to the Distillery District of Toronto was amazed by the helpfulness and diversity of the people.

Cheers Toronto, thx for the wonderful experience.

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