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3D Printing - Wrench Wednesday on LinkedIn Winners 4/18/2014

Congratulations to Joshua Tilander and Peter Sosnowski for guessing that Batman’s shield in his left hand was indeed 3D printed. Bobby Ray Burns gets the prize for having the most creative answer of who would win in a fight between Captain America and Batman. All three of you will be receiving a 3D printed crescent wrench. Check LinkedIn today for another chance to win!

Joshua Tilander Batman's "Batarang" is printed...and Batman would win because Will Arnett voiced him in the movie and he would out-talk Captain America!

Bobby Ray Burns No, no, no... Captain America would win because Batman has too many "issues", and Cap fights for an inspiring cause!

Peter Sosnowski The logo batman is holding is 3D printed. Batman always wins. Always. He could beat lung cancer with a carton of cigarettes!


3D Printed Batman Logo

3D Printed Batman Logo