3D Modeling - BIMing in the Future

I would like to talk briefly about F3 and how it has come to embrace the rapid growth of BIM.   With the growth of BIM in the last few years, its benefits have become apparent in virtual design and construction (VDC) methods.  BIM has allowed for new innovative technologies to be implemented in the BIM process.  F3 has taken new technologies to effectively use them to find innovative solutions to countless challenges.  

As BIM strives to provide the most accurate information of the existing environment, 3D laser scanning perfectly complements the BIM concept by capturing the environment in point cloud form.  This has proven to be quite successful for preconstruction.  The 3D model from the point cloud serves as the foundation for adding the new design during BIM coordination meetings.  Also, F3 has the capability of providing 3D prints with our 3D printing services from our point cloud to 3D model workflow (patent pending).  This has been a successful tool for contractors and designers in planning and communicating effectively.  

F3 3D Modeling from Point Cloud Data


Now F3 ventures into implementing augmented reality into our workflow called Augmented Industrial (patent pending).  As far as its relation to BIM, this can be the bridge in allowing the end user to use all the plans and 3D models for facility management in a seamless environment.  With the advent of wearable mobile devices, various trades can walk the existing environment and view 3D models and plans in real time whether it’s for equipment replacement or maintenance checks. 

F3 Augmented Reality

Augmented Industrial

There is much excitement to look forward to in the AEC industry and will update about F3 as it grows with BIM.