3D Scanning, 3D Modeling

Beyond 3D Scanning

The science of 3D scanning is applicable for a majority of projects going on in Northern California. An accuracy of 1/8" is generally good enough for most projects and F3 prides itself on being an industry leader in this area. However, F3 utilizes FARO's Vantage Laser Tracker when higher accuracy is required. This is the case with the project pictured below which is a tainter gate retrofit at the New Hogan Lake Dam. 

F3 was called upon to assist in the alignment of the gate trunnions for this project. The trunnions serve as the pivot point for the gate and any misalignment can cause stress in the arms. This stress can lead to steel yielding and ultimately failure. With the tracker's accuracy of 0.002", F3 is measuring the centerline of these trunnions to determine any discrepancies. When the downpours finally start, these gates will have no problem holding back the flood.