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3D Modeling: Castle Edition, Kirkistown Castle

F3 has teamed up with Scadin Surveys to 3D scan and model the Kirkistown Castle in Northern Ireland.  We always look forward to working on global projects and working with international partners.  This gives us the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, learn, and forge new friendships with international teams.  This is not quite Windsor Castle, but this being F3’s first castle project, we are extra excited. 

This castle was built in 1622 by Roland Savage and was occupied until 1731.  It is built in the style of late medieval tower-house tradition but was later remodeled in Gothic style in 1800 and later updated in 1836. 

The property grounds consists of a three-story tower in the center and a Barn.  The perimeter is enclosed by a mostly survived bawn with two corner turrets along it.    

Scadin Surveys will be surveying and collecting the scanning data, while F3 will provide a 3D model for historical preservation / heritage records using Revit.  The focus of the exercise will be to model the three-story tower’s interior and exterior architectural / structural features along with surrounding ground terrain.  The final model will be within 1/8” accuracy to the point cloud.

Look for updates as we begin modeling the Kirkistown Castle.

Kirkistown Castle in Northern Ireland

Kirkistown Castle in Northern Ireland