3D Scanning

3D Scanning - Augmented Reality for Industrial Applications

F3 & Associates has developed patent-pending workflows known as Augmented Industrial®.

It is not the data collected with 3D scanning and surveying that is the focus but rather what is done with the data that is most valuable. F3 believes the most significant service brought to the client is a new way of looking at – and interacting with – the 3D CAD model and scan data. The Augmented Industrial®applications offer the client new perspectives on their projects through plastic ABS printing and Augmented Reality workflows.

3D scanning only offers solutions to an accuracy of 1/8”.  By incorporating metrology equipment with the traditional surveying equipment and 3D scanning, we as an industry can provide a service which allows our clients to see their project in accuracy never before displayed.

Combining Augmented Reality with traditional surveying and 3D scanning will offer clients a virtual walk through of their projects.