3D Modeling - BIM: "OK Awesome"

A couple months ago, F3 acquired a pair of Google Glasses  and began a collaboration with Metaio (AR software solutions) to further our journey into augmented reality.  

The F3 Google Glass #Awesomenessness

The F3 Google Glass #Awesomenessness

We have been developing our Augmented Industrial (patent pending) workflow.  With a combination of F3’s extensive background in surveying, 3D laser scanning, and 3D modeling, we can overlay a 3D model in the built environment in real-time using mobile devices.  Our workflow consists of 3D laser scanning an as-built environment, 3D modeling the building features from the point cloud, and then implementing it in the augmented reality application.  We achieve high accuracy from surveying in the 3D model in the environment. 

This is tremendously beneficial in BIM.  Not only can it be used during the construction lifecycle, it can be used during facility management.  Basically, it can be used throughout the lifecycle of the building as long as the point clouds and 3D model are continually updated.  For the end user they can use it for site planning, equipment replacement, and maintenance checks to name a few possibilities.  

With Google Glass and other wearable smart devices, one can truly be immersed in the experience having their hands free to perform other activities.  In the example below, the pipes were scanned and 3D modeled.  After uploading it to the Google Glass, Metaio’s Mirage APK is initiated on their Junaio platform.  The result is what is seen on the Google Glass.  My comrade in the image is not aware that pipes are there.  This is pure 21st century magic.  

The View through the Google Glass   #magicvision #cyborgmode

The View through the Google Glass #magicvision #cyborgmode

This is just the beginning but there are limitless possibilities for the use of augmented reality in BIM.

For more information about Metaio, visit: http://creator.metaio.com/augmented-reality/