Solving the Greatest Engineering Challenges with Precision, Clarity and Imagination

For decades industrial construction has been lagging behind by virtually every other business sector in using data management solutions and business intelligence to drive innovation.

Realizing the opportunity, F3 has emerged as the leading provider of 3D data capture, measurement and visualization for the industrial sectors of energy, water, power and infrastructure.  We work with the operators of our nation's largest structures and facilities to provide engineering support designed to improve decision making, minimize operational shutdowns, mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Using a patent-pending approach, F3 provides an array of Augmented Industrial℠ services for the design, construction and operation of as-built environments. 

Beginning with land surveying, F3 determines the terrestrial position points on plants, buildings or even subsurface structures.  It then captures the complete and exact measurement of a given object or structure using the latest technologies in high definition laser scanning and tracking.  Through our data management services, this information is then translated to virtual representations of the subject which can then be converted into physical 3D models for presenting engineering information. 

The mission is to transform the construction industry through productivity improvements that are realized when supporting technologies are applied across the project and asset management life-cycles of as-built environments.  This is a risk-management approach to the development and on-going maintenance of successful large-scale projects.

We are the solution to lost time, revenue and productivity.